Mobile Cocktail Bar Hire FAQs

The Shaken & Stirred FAQ section where we endeavour to answer your most common queries. Come find out about our services and what we can bring to your event.

How far do you travel?

We are based in Oxford and mainly cover the South East but are readily happy to travel further afield. We have run bars all over England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and France. Travel and overnight night accommodation costs may apply.

Where can you set up the bars?

We can pretty much set them up anywhere, as long as there is reasonable access and sufficient space. We will advise on this so please contact us to discuss.

What do you require for the bars?

Just reasonable access, sufficient lighting and a nearby water supply.

Do you require electricity?

Only if electrical appliances are required e.g. fridges, blenders etc. We can usually manage without refrigeration as we chill down with ice.

What if the bar runs out of alcohol?

We always carry extra stock so can guarantee that we will never run out.

Can we provide our own alcohol?

Shaken & Stirred provides everything you will need for the bar. Cocktails can have lots of weird and wonderful ingredients and supplying your own ingredients can be a false economy. We are happy to supply all beers, wines and soft drinks as part of a package but please ask if you would like to supply these instead.

Who provides glassware and ice?

We provide all glassware and/or plastic glasses as part of our packages. We make all of our own ice in our warehouse in Oxford. This is included in our bar packages and as with alcohol, we always bring more than enough. We also offer an ice delivery service in Oxfordshire.

Do we need to arrange a license?

Shaken & Stirred will take care of all licensing requirements.

What are the hours of service?

This will be pre arranged and agreed between the Shaken & Stirred and the client. They may be affected by local licensing laws.

How long is a bar shift?

A shift will usually be 7-8 hours including set up and break down.

What do the staff wear?

We do not have a uniform as such, more of a dress code. This can depend on the type of the event. We do guarantee however that our guys and girls will be well turned out and look fantastic.

What time will you arrive?

This depends on the size and scale of the event but we will always arrive in very good time in order to install the bar and get it ready for service. We will usually require a minimum of 2 hours prior to service to set up. Large events will often be set up the day, or several days before.

Do you have insurance?

We carry fully public and employers liability insurance up to £5m per person.

How long does it take to clean down at the end?

This depends on the size of the event but it usually takes a minimum of 90 minutes.